for Doors

The following glass selections are offered, availability may change in time

please choose a Primary and Secondary glass style

Door Glass Selections
Dew Drop Glass
Clear Ripple Glass
Antique Glass

Clear Dew Drop

Wissmach, #9976-01DD

Clear Ripple


Antique Drawn Glass
GNA 9978-01
Seedy Glass
Wavy Seedy Glass
single glue chip

Seedy Glass

Has bubbles looks old

Wavy Seedy Glass

Wavy with Bubbles looks old

Single Glue Chip

Looks like Fern

Double Glue Chip
Autumn Glass
Driftwood Glass
Double Glue Chip
Heavy Fern appearance

Autumn Glass

Veiny likethe back of Leaves

Clear Driftwood Glass

Looks like wood

Reeded Glass

Clear Reeded Glass

Like that was used in washboards

Clear Stippolyte 9970-69