Pictured Below is the selection of Hinges, Catches, Knobs and Keepers
that are available for custom built Furniture, additional hardware may be available upon request, subject to supply and Pricing.

Bare wood Knobs and Keepers may be Painted or Stained


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1. Black Hammered Fancy Strap
2. Antique Brass Hammered Fancy Strap
3. Black Smooth H Strap
4. Antique Brass Smooth  H Strap
5. Antique Bronze Non-Mortise
6. Antique Brass Non-Mortise
7. Antique Brass Butt Hinge
8. Rusty (real) Butt Hinge (Not Available)

Catches and knobs

Black Cast Iron Oval Cup Pull N
Black Cast Iron Oval Cup Pull

Catches and Knobs

A.  Brown Deep Roller Catch
B.  Brown Standard Roller Catch
C.  Brown Face Frame Roller Catch
D.  Brown Magnetic Catch and Plate
E.  1" White Porcelain Knob with Brass Screw
F.  1"  Wood Knob (unfinished)
G.  1-1/2" Cast Iron Star Knob
H.  1/2" Inset Magnetic Catch with Plate 
I.  1-1/4"  White Porcelain Knob with Brass .....Screw
J.  1-1/4" Wood Knob (unfinished)
K.  1-1/4" Black Hammered Steel Knob

L. .Discontinued
M. Discontinued

N. Black Cast Iron Oval Cup Pull

Porcelain Knobs

Just Arrived

Off White
1-1/4" Porcelain knobs
with Words and a Raised Star

Believe, Dream

Laugh, Love

Live, Imagine

A nice added touch to any Primitive or Country furniture piece

Small Wood Double Keeper

Wood Turn Latch's

Can be Stained or Painted

  1. Wide Wood Double Keeper / Latch





2 .Small Wood Double Keeper / Latch






3 . Single Wood Keeper /Latch 





4. Single Wood Rounded Keeper / Latch