BeckeeLoo's Page

BeckeeLoo wants to thank you
for visiting her page. Woof !


Born July 5,2009 BeckeeLoo became one of our
Family Members on Sept 14,2009. Robynn, DayzeeMae and I set off on a 2516 mile round trip journey from Breinigsville, PA to Hagarville, Arkansas
on 9-12-09 and were home 9-15-09. BeckeeLoo weathered the ride very well and so far has fit in very well. DayzeeMae is accepting her more each day, but is a little stressed out
BeckeeLoo was Born at:

Dry Creek Black and Tans

in Hagarville, Arkansas

Owners Troy and Veronica Terry take pride in Breeding AKC old fashion long Earred Black and Tan Coonhounds. Black and Tans are a large breed of dog with the males weighing from 95 to 120 lbs and females 75 to 90lbs. Ears spread from tip to tip is between 26 to 30 plus inches.

Troy and Veronica's goal is to keep the breed alive and to raise a healthy puppys, since it is getting harder and harder to find these wonderful hounds.

We hope you enjoy looking at BeckeeLoo's pictures as much as we enjoy taking them and having her in our life.

BeckeeLoo's Bloodline

Smokie Mountain Ridge Runner
BeckeeLoo's Dad
Smokie MountainRidge Runner

Photo of BeckeeLoo's Mom, Maggie, coming soon

BeckeeLoo. Artwork BeckeeLoo's version of Air-Conditioning
BeckeeLoo's Artwork-------Coonhound Air-Conditioning

BeckeeLooBeckeeLoo and Molly

--BeckeeLoo at 10 Weeks in Arkansas------BeckeeLoo and Molly in the Van---


BeckeeLoo woof'n down a Hotdog ----WOW, These laces taste good


----BeckeeLoo standing at the Gate --------Couch Potatoe contest --------

BeckeeLoo BeckeeLoo-
You Think so Huh ?---------------BeckeeLoo acting inocent


---BeckeeLoo paying attention ------BeckeeLoo running with a Frisbee
******- BeckeeLoo 11 Weeks Old 20.7# -******

More photos coming Soon!!