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DayzeeMae 6-11-09

Born April 14, 2008, DayzeeMae became one of our Family Members on June 11,2008, after flying to Philadelphia,PA International Airport on Continental Airlines from Little Rock Arkansas and has fit in very well.
DayzeeMae was Born at:

Dry Creek Black and Tan Kennels

in Hagarville, Arkansas

Owners Troy and Veronica Terry take pride in Breeding AKC Old Fashion Long Earred Black and Tan Coonhounds. 
These Black and Tans are a large breed of dog with the males weighing from 95 to 120, females 75 to 90.  Ear spread from tip to tip between 26 inches to 30 plus inches.

Troy and Veronica's goal is to keep the breed alive and to raise a healthy puppy as it is getting harder and harder to find these wonderful hounds.

We hope you enjoy looking at DayzeeMae's pictures as much as we enjoy taking them and having her in our life.
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Boomer Savanah
Boomer and Savanah
DayzeeMae's Dad and Mom

Robynn and DayzeeMae Bill and DayzeeMae outside the Cargo Dock DayzeeMae at Coopersburg Park drinking water on the way home
DayzeeMae at her permanent home DayzeeMae  6-13-08 trying to eat Bill's pocket DayzeeMae at 12-1/2 weeks
dayzeeMae in the kitchen before... dayzeeMae "What Happened to My Ears?" dayzeeMae caught in the act of "Squeezing the Charmin"
DayzeeMae's Idea of a "GOOD TIME" Aftermath of a "GOOD TIME" DayzeeMae "Behaving for a while"
DayzeeMae riding in the van on the way to Vermont DayzeeMae DayzeeMae is home at the ole' watering hole
DayzeeMae Dayzee and Beckee drinking from the tub faucet Dayzee and Beckee

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