Essential Oils
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Essential Oils

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Are available in 2 size bottles with droppers
1/4 oz
and 1/2 oz

A - D

ALOE VERA-Clean and soothing floral
ALLSPICE-Spicy and rich
ALMOND-Fresh roasted almond
ALMOND COOKIE-freshly baked almond cookies
AMBER-Rich earthy resin with vanilla like undertones
AMBERGRIS (artificial)-Not a scent for everyone-used in perfume bases
ANGELS IN THE AIR-Wild honeysuckle and magnolia blossoms
ANGEL KISSES-Sugary sweet
ANCIENT MYSTERY-Ripe grapes and blueberries
APHRODESIA-Similar to Chanel #5
APHRODESIAC-A spicy, fruity floral
APPLE,BAKED-Rich with tart apple and spices
APPLE,DUTCH CRUMB-Just like an Amish bakery
APPLE,FRESH-Red delicious scent
APPLE,GREEN-Tart green apple
APPLE,McINTOSH-Sweet and delicious
APPLE,SPICY-This blend is reminds you of a cigar shop
APPLES & PEARS-Red delicious apples and tart pears
APPLE ALMOND CRUNCH-Tart apples with toasted almonds
APPLE PIE-Apples and spices in a baked pie crust
APPLE PIE ,FRENCH -Iced with sweet ,cinnamon and crust
APPLE KIWI MANGO-Apples,mangos and kiwi blend
APPLE,SPICED CRISP-Apples, cinnamon, clove with a buttery baked topping
APRICOT CREAM-Juicy ripe apricots with fresh cream
AUTUMN IN THE AIR-All the great scents of an cool autumn day
AUTUMN LEAVES-Like a walk in an apple orchard in the fall.
AUTUMN MEMORIES-Crisp leaves and spices
BABY POWDER-Baby fresh soft fragrance
BALSAM,FIR-Thick piney resin
BALSAM,WINDSONG-Beautiful clean evergreen-best seller
BAMBOO-Slightly spicy clean floral
BANANA,FRESH-Good enough to eat
BANANA NUT BREAD-Fabulous and fresh from the oven
BAY LEAF-Crisp pungent bay laurel
BAYBERRY-A Christmas favorite
BAYBERRY SPICE-Our great bayberry blended with cloves and cinnamon
BAY RUM-Classic gentleman’s after shave
BERGAMOT-Clean, citrus floral
BIG SKY-Fresh and clean with balsam notes
BISCOTTI-Crunchy Italian cookie
BLACKBERRY-Fresh off the vine
BLACK ICE-Masculine-like Drakkar Noire
BLACK COCONUT-Sweet freshly grated coconut
BLUEBERRY,RIPE-sweet blueberries ready to eat
BLUE NILE-Light musk like floral
BUTTER CREAM-Creamy ,yummy icing
BUTTERMILK PANCAKES-Smells exactly like your local pancake house
CACTUS FLOWER-Light desert floral
CALIFORNIA DREAMING-Honeydew melon and lavender blossom
CANTALOUPE SLICE-Sweet farm fresh melon
CAPPUCCINO-Fresh and frothy
CARNATION,PINK-Delicate pink carnations
CEDARWOOD-like fresh cedar shavings
CELESTIAL FLOWERS-Light airy floral
CHAMOMILE FLOWER-Slightly hay like floral
CHANEL #5-Our version
CHERRY,WILD-Tart wild cherry
CHERRY VANILLA-Rich vanilla ice cream topped with cherries
CHRISTMAS COOKIE-Decorated sugar cookies
CHRISTMAS SPICE-Cinnamon, vanilla and bayberry
CHRISTMAS TREE-Pine needles and cones
CHRISTMAS WOODS-Fresh cut evergreens and bayberry
CHOCOLATE CHERRY-Milk chocolate covered cherries
CINNAMON,BAKED-More mellow than our cinnamon stick
CINNAMON ROLL-Pop and fresh
CINNAMON STICK-Strong freshly grated cinnamon stick
CITRUS SPA-Oranges, lemons and coconut
CLEAN COTTON-Like freshly washed sheets in the sun
CLOVE BUD-Spicy and strong
COCOMANGO-Coconut and mango
COCONUT CRUNCH-Yummy toasted coconut and vanilla
COFFEE AND DOUGHNUTS-Strong coffee and freshly baked doughnuts
COOL WATER-Our version
COUNTRY KITCHEN-All the baking scents of Grandma’s kitchen
COUNTRY SPICE-Clove bud and cinnamon stick combined
COUNTRY SUNSHINE-Like a warm summer sun with hints of floral
CUCUMBER SLICE-Cool and fresh
CUCUMBER AND GREEN TEA- Our fresh cucumber blends with exotic green tea
CUCUMBER MELON-Cucumber with honeydew melon

DEEP FRIED ICE CREAM-Rich vanilla ice cream in a crispy crust drizzled with honey and cinnamon
DOWN THE OCEAN-Like lying on the beach after a ocean swim
-Vanilla with musky top notes
DREAM ANGEL-Our version

E - P

EGGNOG-A rich creamy holiday favorite
ESCAPE-Our version
EUCALYPTUS LEAVES-Medicinal and pungent
EVERGREEN, FRESH CUT-Freshly cut evergreen boughs
FIRESIDE-Spicy and warm
FRANGAPANI-Heavy exotic floral
FRANKINCENSE-Resin warm and slightly spicy
FRANKINCENSE AND MYRRH-A year round favorite
FREESIA BLOOMS-Like a flower shop
FRENCH VANILLA-rich and creamy-best seller
FRESH BAKED BREAD-hot, buttery and fresh from the oven
FRESH LINEN-Clean soft freshly washed sheets
FRUIT BASKET-Apple, peach and strawberry blend
GARDENIA,JUNGLE-Heady and tropical
GINGERBREAD,FROSTED-Spicy and fresh from the oven
GRANNIES GRAPE JELLY-All the scents of jelly making
GRAPE ARBOR-A grape arbor on a warm summer evening
HAWAIIAN GARDENS-Tropical seaside gardens
HAWAIIAN HIBISCUS-Sweet and lovely floral
HAZELNUT CAPPUCCINO-Frothy with a hint of hazelnut
HEATHER-Mild light floral
HEATHER,HIGHLAND-Pungent and sharp floral
HOLLYBERRY-A holiday favorite-piney with a hint of berries
HOME MEMORIES-Warm ,spicy and welcoming
HONEYDEW MELON-Fresh cut melon
HONEYROSE-Sweet honeysuckle and wild roses
HONEYSUCKLE,WILD-Sweet and delicious
HOT CHOCOLATE-Rich milky chocolate
HUGS AND KISSES-Fruity and sweet
HYACINTHE BLOOMS-Very sweet spring treat
ICED CINNAMON BUN-Just like the mall-sweet and spicy
IRIS AND FERN-Delicate fern fronds and iris
JACK FROST-Like a peppermint patty
JAMACIAN SPICE-Allspice and cinnamon
JASMINE,WHITE-Heady exotic floral
JUNIPER BREEZE-Outdoorsy and clean
KEY LIME-Just like the pie
KIWI GRAPE-Kiwi and grapes
KIWI STRAWBERRY-Kiwi and strawberries
KUSH-Heady and exotic
LAVENDER,FRENCH-A all time floral favorite
LAVENDER AND GREEN TEA-Lavender blended with crisp green tea
LAVENDER & LACE-Lavender with a hint of oakmoss
LEMON JAMACIAN-Fresh from the tree
LEMON SLICE-Fresh slices of lemon
LEMONS AND ORANGES-Lemon and orange blend
LILY OF THE VALLEY-Sweet little lilies of spring
LILAC,SPRING-Just like a fresh bouquet
LOCUST TREE BLOSSOM-Sweet jasmine like floral
LOG CABIN-Balsam with a hint of wood smoke
LOVESPELL-Our version
MAJIK-Rich with hints of frankincense
MAGNOLIA,SUGAR-Beautiful light floral
MAPLE SUGAR-Sweet and yummy
MILK CHOCOLATE-Creamy milky goodness
MISTLETOE-Evergreen type fragrance
MULBERRY,RIPE-Tart sharp fruity fragrance
MUSK-light and clean
MUSK,CELESTIAL-Heavier like Jovan type musk
MUSK, CHINA-A medium musk with citrus notes
MUSK,EGYPTIAN-Clean and fresh our best selling musk
MUSK,NUBIAN-Sandlewood and musk blend
MUSK, ORIENTAL-Opium and musk blend
MUSK,VANILLA-French vanilla and musk blend
MUSK,WHITE-Medium musk ,clean
MYRRH-Resinous church like
NAG CHAMPA-A beautiful blend-Best sellernotes
NEW CAR-Very strong leather fragrance
NIGHT QUEEN-Delicate and exotic floral with musk notes
-French vanilla and patchouli blend
NEROLI-Bitter orange blossom
NORTHWOODS-Windsong balsam and leather a great outdoorsy fragrance
NUTMEG-Spicy and nutty
OBESSION-Our version
OATMEAL HONEY ALMOND-Clean soothing fragrance
OLIVE BLOSSOM-Spa like floral
OPIUM-Our version
ORANGE BLOSSOM-Sweet floral with citrus notes
ORANGE SPICE-Orange with cinnamon and clove
ORANGE SWEET-Like fresh cut oranges
PATCHOULI,EAST INDIAN-Rich, earthy favoritePEACEFUL GARDEN-Tart and pungent florals
PEACH,FRESH-Like a ripe fuzzy peach
PEACH,SWEET GEORGIA-Like canned cling peach
PEAR,TART-Fresh Bartlett pear
PEPPERMINT-Like a peppermint stick
PEPPERCORN-Warm and masculine, does not smell like pepper!
PINK SUGAR-Sweet lemonade with hints of grapefruit
PINA COLODA-Pineapple and coconut blend
PINE NEEDLE-Clean fresh pine boughs
PINON-Piney with cedar notes
PLUMERIA-Sweet exotic floral
PUMPKIN SPICE-Fresh spicy pumpkin pie


RAW SILK & WILLOW-Spa like floral with a hint of spice
RAIN,CLEAR MOUNTAIN-Fresh and clean like a summer shower
RAIN.DESERT-rain with hints of cactus flower
RAIN,SWEET-Rain with a touch of sweet florals
RAINFOREST-Rich humid and woodsy
RASTA-Earthy and rich yet spicy
RASPBERRY,RIPE-Fresh picked and juicy
ROSE GARDEN-Like standing in a rose garden
ROSE,RED-Rich and heady rose
ROSE,SPRING-Light pink roses
ROSE,TEA-True tea rose fragrance
ROSEMARY-Pungent and medicinal
RUM SOAKED RAISINS-Fresh from the holiday table
SAGE-Slightly medicinal herbal fragrance
SAGE & CITRUS-Earthy and herbal blend
SANDLEWOOD-A pleasant woody clean fragrance
SANDLEWOOD,ARABIAN-Very similar to our plain sandlewood
SANDLEWOOD,INDIAN-Light not as pungent as other sandlewood
SAVANNAH VERANDA-Jasmine,oak moss and gardenia blend
SECRET GARDEN-Florals with a cedar undertone
SHALIMAR -Our version
SPRING FLOWERS-Wisteria and ivy
SPRING MIST-New mown grass and rain
SPRING TIME-Lilac Rose and Magnolia blooms
STRAWBERRY BANANA-ripe strawberries and banana
STRAWBERRIES AND CREAM-Ripe strawberries and fresh cream
STRAWBERRY DUMPLINGS-Yummy sweet and fresh off the stove
STRAWBERRY,FRESH-Ripe and juicy strawberries
SUGAR COOKIE-Crisp and hot from the oven
SUGAR PLUM-Sweet and fruity
SUGAR & SPICE-A blend of vanilla and spices
SUMMER BREEZE-A beautiful blend of McIntosh apple and honeysuckle
SUN & SURF-Sun baked sand and ocean surf
SUNFLOWERS-Bright crisp floral
SWEET DREAMS-Butter cream and vanilla blend
TANGERINE DREAM-Juicy tangerine
TEABERRY-Slightly clove like fragrance, like teaberry gum
TEA & CRUMPETS-fresh brewed tea and yummy crumpets
TRADEWINDS-Sea breezes carry exotic fragrances
TROPICAL FRUIT-Fruity pineapple top notes
VANILLA BEAN-An extract type vanilla smell
VANILLA CINNAMON-French vanilla and cinnamon stick-very popular!
VERY SEXY -Our version
VICTORIAN CHRISTMAS-Orange, balsam and cloves -very popular holiday fragrance.
VICTORIAN LACE-Lavender and chamomile blossoms
WARMTH & LIGHT-Warm sweet and welcoming
WATERMELON SLICE-You can smell the juicy red melon and the rind
WHITE BUTTERLIES-a blend of sweet delicate blossoms
WHITE TEA & GINGER-Exotic but light clean floral
WILDBERRY ZINGER-Hibiscus, fruit and rosehips like the tea
WILD FERN & FLOWERS-Woodland flowers and ferns
WINTERBERRY-Tart, sweet and fruity
WISTERIA BLOSSOM-Just like wisteria clusters
WOODLAND GLADE-Pine, ferns and woodland scents