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Robynn and Bill Wood, Owners

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Shoppe Entrance

Red UmbrellaRed Umbrella
The Shoppe's new "Red Umbrella, now our Mascot's
have their own Umbrella.

Framed Prints, Vermont Organic Soap
and Everything Primitive

Candle Bakery
Pies, Tarts, Cinnamon Buns
and Loaves

The Candle Bakery

Feature Scent: Wild Muscidine.
A full Bodied Grape Scent thats said to be,
The Passion Fruit of the South


Spring Flower Fireplase

Spring Flower Fireplace

Mantle Close-up

Close-up of Mantle

Christmas Mantle
Christmas Mantle 2011

Christmas tree
Tree Decorated for Christmas 2011

Granny's Kitchen
Granny's Kitchen
Window with shutters

"A Primitive Sampling"
Treasures Await You
Throughout the Shoppe

spring display

Dayzee Mae's Potting Shed 1
is ready for Spring

Potting shed corner

Dayzee Mae's Potting Shed 2

country bath

Country Bath

shoppe sign
October 29, 2011
Its not winter yet and we were hit by a NorEaster that
dropped about 6-8 inches of snow. The wet heavy snow brought down many trees and downed power lines.
The nights are very Cool and the daytime temperatures are in the 50 Degree range !

Even Though Mother Nature is playing games with us.
I must say,
Life is GOOD at:
Cozy Home Country Shoppe